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The MC Project- Menstrual Cups

It’s natural, it happens with all females and should be celebrated but most importantly… it is nothing to be ashamed about. This should be the message passed on to girls about their periods and upheld throughout society, but unfortunately, the reality is discouragingly different. Information about periods/ menstruation seems to be limited to a few sessions delivered at school or through partner organizations but even worse is the limited choice for sustainable sanitary products currently available.


The Menstrual Cup (MC) is a remarkable product that can last 10 years – a product that empowers girls and women where they do not have to worry about any additional cost for menstrual hygiene for a decade!

The MC Project FUNDING

Partnership and funding will enable us to reach girls and women in need. With a single menstrual cup costing Ksh. 1,000, partners can provide funding equivalent to as wide a reach as they can access e.g. 

Funding of Ksh. 100,000 will help reach 100 girls/women

Funding of Ksh. 1,000,000 will help reach 1,000 girls/women

We welcome logistical assistance as well in identifying potential groups in need and reaching them. Funding partners will be recognized in all our briefs online and in the distribution areas if requested, and are welcome to be present in the distribution and sensitization process.  

Our training team will provide all training, educational interactions and demonstrations during distribution. Through this, we will also be able to establish an avenue for tackling hygiene maintenance, GBV and abuse issues. Where needed we will invite partners who are professionals in the field to provide more specialized interactions like counseling, gynecological, and maternal health.

Menstrual cups provide a much-needed way towards sustainable living, physical and mental/emotional confidence and, are a major step towards oneness with nature and self. 

If interested in joining us or finding out more about this project, please contact us here:  





Urbanite Camps, Poriscape Safaris and Mukogodo Girls Empowerment Programme are organizing a fund-raising day-hike up Mt. Kenya on 28th of November 2020, via the Naro Moru route from MET station to Picnic Rocks. This coincides with the 16 Days of activism following the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women (on 25th Nov), and aims to raise awareness and funds to support 5,000 young girls in the north of Laikipia with menstruation kits that will serve them for 3-4 years or 8-10 years, in the case of menstrual cups. These kits will be distributed during the 16 Days of activism against gender-based violence.

We are holding this event, to raise awareness and support the young girls. Being part of this event means you are ensuring that:

  • the young girls are not subjected to shame and ridicule associated with periods any longer.

  • the young girls complete their education, get decent jobs and a means of livelihood.

  • the young girls will not engage, anymore, in sex for pads.

  • the young girls will not be forced into early marriages because they have no voice and alternatives.

Provision of menstrual kits and menstrual cups will be accompanied by empowerment of the girls in training and sensitization on hygiene and health, as well as include boys of Mukogodo on issues contributing to an end towards gender-based violence.

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