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Kenyan Adventures-waiting to take you on one

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

With extremes of Bear Grylls drinking fluid from fresh elephant poo for survival in the North (he's nuts and we love it!)... to moonlight dhow dinners and beach festivals at the coast, Kenya has something for every taste.

Man vs Wild - Man vs Wild | Season 1 Episode 7 | "African Savannah"


Some of the most remarkable sights in the world can only be seen when you're part of nature itself... out there! We love camping, there're no two ways about it! With 47 counties in Kenya and diverse eco-systems, just let us know which parts fill you with wonder and the rest will be up to us to deliver your custom made experience.

HIGH ESCAPES ...of Mountains and Man made Heights

With over 25 mountains and many more hills within the borders of Kenya, you have a lot to look forward to when it comes to scaling these wondrous features. Leave the logistics, planning and preparation to us and worry about you and your team's exercise regimen instead. Join us on our mountain safaris and let's go see what's up there!

If high altitudes and boisterous winds aren't quite your thing, not to worry. Come rock climbing or challenge yourself on High Ropes courses and Zip lines all weekend long! Man-made height features can be just as fun...

THE SEA IS CALLING ...Lamu, Malindi, Diani

Need we say anymore? Diani boasts one of the most breathtakingly beautiful award winning beaches in Africa! Indulge in the fine sands, golden sun and flow with the waves all year round. Visit Lamu, a UNESCO World Heritage site and marvel at its charms. Swim with Dolphins off the coast of Watamu and Malindi, and snorkel in the reefs in the warm waters of Africa's finest.

If you prefer a more active time at the Coast hop on a Jetskii and make some waves. Dive to explore what lies beneath. Sky dive high above and view the scenery from up top. Learn to sail a Ngalau, the local dhows. Ride a board, Fly a kite (surf), Kayak, SUP, free dive... Then visit the historical towns and learn about the local culture while savouring local delicacies. Isn't that good enough reason? Then let's go!

FLOW WITH US - H2O GREEN ...Forests and Waterfalls

Forested havens are dwindling the world over. In recognition of this, our forest adventures are planned and executed with the utmost care to ensure that Leave No Trace principles are adhered to. Tree planting and re-afforestation feature prominently in our forest programs which include hikes, picnics, bird watching and canopy walks. Visiting conservation areas are part of our H20 Green Forest and Waterfall safaris.

Waterways are also in danger of oversiltation, damming and pollution. Along with beach cleaning at the coast, waterway cleanups engage our clients in being part of sustainability for future generations. Fishing and swimming feature greatly in our programs but it’s about more than that for us. Join us in caring for nature.

At UrbaniteCamps, we're all about adventure and we're bursting at the seams with ideas on where to go and what to do. Contact us on to get updated packages, venues and rates. You can also download a copy of these Adventure Travel packages from our Safaris with Urbanite Camps page.

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