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Adventure Therapy for Us

Adventure Therapy is practiced differently around the world. It is a powerful form of experiential therapy that inspires emotional healing and can take many forms. However, it generally takes place outdoors and involves a variety of fun—and often challenging—physical activities. Therefore, trained AT professionals provide guidance and supervision as individuals or groups take part in excursions such as camping, hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, ropes courses, and more. In our Kenyan/ East African context we have endless possibilities of activities that can cater to this.

Benefits of AT

While Adventure Based Therapy takes place outside the confines of a traditional therapy setting, it has its roots in several psychological concepts. These include Systems Theory, Experiential Learning, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

At UrbaniteCamps, AT includes the following therapeutic intentions:

  • Opportunities for personal growth, change and/or healing

  • Tailored experiences to meet the needs of individuals and groups

  • Development of physical, psychological and social safety-nets

The fun stuff...

In Adventure-Based Therapy, individuals work together to overcome a wide variety of obstacles. These might include using a compass, scaling rock walls, navigating a river, or other challenges. As they encounter opportunities to explore their own strengths and weaknesses, participants learn to take calculated risks, and push their limits in a safe and supportive environment.

Keeping Current

Our lead trainer, Lisette Gachanja, helps us keep current in the International AT scope and as an ambassador with the 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference

The 2018 conference will be taling part from 29th August to 2nd September just South of Sydney on the New South Wales Coast, Australia. Find out more through

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