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Adventure Therapy-Kenya

WE JUST BEGAN...and we're excited!

Belated post alert...but its ok, this is worth it.

We recently joined the International Adventure Therapy Committee as representatives for Kenya after interacting with 8IATC held in 2018 in Sydney, Australia. We held the first ever Adventure Therapy Training in Kenya early March this year in collaboration with African Christian Camping and had a successful day with good attendance. We'd like to take a break here and acknowledge Lizzie Kiteto, Secretariat for ACC, for her fantastic work putting the training together and for her support throughout the period.

From this training we realised a few things and were thankfully able to create vital networks within the local outdoor industry. 1. There is a great need and willingness to connect with youth and adults at camps but practitioners have little time to provoke deep conversations in regard to trauma and emotional healing as well as lack adequate skill for follow up. 2. Camp programming and curriculum design for most programs is not done with AT in mind but sometimes therapy may be a by-product of reflection and facilitator interactions with participants. 3. Trainers and facilitators need to participate in the therapeutic process themselves as part of training and gaining extensive experience in AT.

These things have become our company's secondary aim as we are working towards growing interest in AT in Kenya and equipping trainers. We hope to hold a few overnight or multiple day trainings that can begin addressing Point no.3 before the end of this year and to keep growing as well. 9IATC will be held in 2021 in Norway and our prayer is to plan and coordinate attendance for a delegation from Kenya. We'll be giving more details and posting plans in advance through our social media pages.

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