New Reality for Street Children

A strong foundation is paramount in any young person’s life for

their growth. For many this comes in the form of a family unit that

is supportive and consistent in its provision of moral guidance,

emotional support, basic needs and a safe environment.

Unfortunately, almost 30% of children find themselves lacking in

such a foundation and in situations they cannot control nor

evade. Reasons for this range from poverty, broken homes,

absentee parents, crime, sickness or death of caregivers to

mistreatment and abuse. Grim as this may sound, many a youth

have found an illusion of solace in leaving such spaces and

pursuing an unknown path that often leads to the streets of major

towns. From there fate takes charge-this may lead to adoption into

a willing home or institution or reuniting with their families, but

most times the more morbid reality of living the street life leading

many to desperation, drugs, crime and even death befalls them.

Changing lives

Joy Divine Children’s Organization ( is one of many organizations working towards meeting this need. Being in operation for over 10 years with substantial rehabilitation stories, it is a beacon of hope for those looking for a new life away from the streets. Engagement in feeding programs around Mlango Kubwa area has resulted in reaching large numbers of street children.

In collaboration with Joy Divine, we have run the Prodigal Sons Camp, aimed at giving these children aged 6-17 years a 3-day experience where they are fed, clothed, counselled, ministered to and get to engage with other rehabilitated children in a fun and safe environment. This serves as a period where the children are given a chance to explore options of going back to school, reuniting with their families and leaving the street life.

UrbaniteCamps programs are aimed at restoring a balance so that these underprivileged youth experience wholesome development as they near young adulthood. Our camps provide much needed therapeutic value through outdoor adventure as well as focus on various elements like teamwork, responsibility, leadership and being solution-minded, all the while creating a safe and fun environment.

By engaging partners in CSR and other sponsored programs for the purpose of funding camps for this special group of youth, we are able to do more in aiding the rehabilitation process.

Join us- contact the UrbaniteCamps team and find out how you can be part of the change!

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