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bundle experiences


Dragons Teeth

1-night Full board accommodation in pristine heated lodges plus an amazing food experience surrounded by the untouched indigenous forest.

Activities: Big herbivore viewing, hike to Twin Peaks, Dragons

Teeth or Satima peak (3rd highest), Forest wellness walks, Waterfall visits.



Unwind in this serene natural environment which offers a relaxing getaway perfect for bonding.

Activities: Archery, Scavenger hunts, High ropes, Zipline, Various ball games, Biking, Swimming..




1-night full board accommodation amidst the tea plantations of Murang’a County and on the periphery of Southern Aberdares National Park is this series of tented chalet cottages.

Activities: Riverine hike, Canyoning, Forest hike to Aberdares and Gatango waterfall, River swimming, Archery.



1-night camping experience. Look forward to scaling the magnificent rock walls overlooking zebra, impala, and wildebeest, plus hiking with beautiful panoramic views of Machakos from afar.

Activities: Rock climbing, Abseiling, Hiking, Archery, Game viewing.



1-night river-front group accommodation in 2-br cabin which

offers a stunning view of River Mathioya, famous for Trout fishing.

Activities: Riverine hike, Canyoning, Forest hike to Aberdares and

Gatango waterfall, River swimming, Archery.

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This is a 1-night camping experience surrounded by beautiful

acacia trees for both the thrill-seekers and the easy-goers.

Activities: Ziplining, Outdoor climbing wall, High ropes, Archery, Hiking.

past events



It's Flamingo season! The beauty is remarkable. It's however worthwhile to note that the lakes along the floor of the Great Rift Valley are swelling and reclaiming their banks, thus we all need to take precaution when adventuring along the shores so as not to destroy the young habitat that is emerging as a result of the flooding.

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Mt. Kenya

Hike Mt. Kenya for the Girl Initiative was a success. We thank all the hikers and partners who came through because through them we were able to donate menstrual cups and play an integral part in female empowerment.


Mt. Le Satima

Being the 3rd highest peak in Kenya at 4001mASL, this was an enjoyable, yet formidable bog-filled hiking experience.



Our hikes up to point Longonot are always memorable no matter what group we have.



This relaxing family retreat in the magnificent Northern Aberdare National Park was perfect! Clear skies, a hike in the indigenous forest, buffalo viewing, and a visit to the waterfalls were all that was needed for their rejuvenation.

Adventure Therapy Training Kenya- Urbani

AT Training

Our first Adventure Therapy intro training was a success! We had 30 participants join us, all from different organizations that deal with positively impacting youth in the outdoors.


Destiny Teens

A fun-filled afternoon at Destiny Chapel with youth from the South-B area doing team challenges Urbanite Camps style. Pumped was an understatement!



2 days with this energetic group of church youth leaders was definitely memorable. The zeal and wisdom they possess are beyond their years and we loved interacting with them.



Being one with nature does not mean having to jump off the highest point or dive to the deepest depths. Slow, meditative saunters in nature-filled spaces help us to connect with ourselves and to practice mindfulness-a skill lost on many in the hustle and bustle of the city.



Can you handle heights and speed?

Our star for the day was this adventurous 10 year old who took every challenge head-on and did everything twice-just to show that you can conquer your fears and enjoy the victory!


Ngong Hills

 Our dream-team of 5-10 yr olds conquered all 7 hills and hiked from end to end (Ngong gate to Corner Baridi gate) like real troopers!



Is Menengai a Crater or Caldera? Bet you didn't know this: Craters are formed by the outward explosion of rocks and other materials from a volcano. Calderas are formed by the inward collapse of a volcano. We enjoyed the hikes, caving and climbing there-looking forward to more visits! 


Gatango Hike

With the Gatango waterfall as our abseil destination, we hiked through Southern Aberdare National Park with our gear at hand. This day-long activity provided great tracks, amazing views, and a taste of the most refreshing water straight from the top.



Continuing our partnership with Joy Divine Children's Org., we did a week-long street child rehabilitation program with 80% success rate of kids choosing to leave the streets, get enrolled in school, and reunite with their families!


KTTC Leaders

This year's leadership training for KTTC student leaders focused on the progression from intentional self-growth to growing others by utilizing their leadership capacity in serving the student body.


All Saints Ladies Ministry

We always have a great time in the presence of our All Saints groups, from Mothers Union to Single Mothers and Widows. 

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