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We fashion team experiences that engage minds, excite senses,  elicit thought provoking discussions and empower team members. 


There's no such thing as a weak link in teamwork...only weak motivation.

Team Experiences & Corporate Events

Our team of trainers will guide you through every aspect of organizing a professional, high impact team building or staff motivational training event.

We are committed to facilitating engaging, innovative, fun-filled, and exciting team events through collaborative team activities that complement outdoor learning.

Youth Holiday Camps & School Programs


A lot needs to be done in order to equip our youth with skills and values lost on them due to vices in society, media, and a warped concentration on academics as opposed to exposure to holistic growth. Urbanite Camps programs are aimed at restoring a balance so that our youth experience wholesome development as they near adulthood.

Our camps aim to:

  1. Instill values.

  2. Equip diverse life skills.

  3. Expose and engage in adventure learning.

  4. Relax, loosen up, and have some fun!! 

Social Impact Projects

In partnership with like-minded individuals, schools, church institutions, and corporate organizations through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arms, we facilitate Social impact projects that provide solutions to pressing social problems.

By incorporating activities that are responsive to this group’s needs, our programs are aimed at positively impacting individuals and communities- giving them opportunities they would otherwise not easily access, experiences they will never forget as well as provide wonderful alternatives and incentives for turning their lives around.

Adventure Therapy 


We often come across high-stress situations and everyone has a way to deal with such. Whether your way works or not is secondary to the fact that there is no one definite long-term way to decompress. Our Wellness and Relaxation programs focus on relieving pressure, whether physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual through various outdoor therapy methods and getaways. 

Adventure Travel


We're sure you've heard of the saying, "The world is your oyster." With our custom made adventure travel selections, you can decide to be a local adventurer or a globetrotting hermit-whichever makes you happy!

Community Work & Student Exchange Programs


Cultural immersion, community volunteering, internships, camp counselor, extra pair of hands...we want to feel your presence and for you to be a part of our community. We have countless opportunities through our partners in Kenya and around East Africa. Get in touch with us outlining your needs/ ideas and we'll definitely tell you what's possible.  

Outdoor Gear Store

We stock various items that help make your everyday outdoor experiences easier, more enjoyable and more convenient. As we strictly abide by the Leave No Trace principles and way of adventure, we recommend our clients to do the same. Our stocked products help in not just personal enjoyment and safety but protect the environment by helping you create less of a footprint. 

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